Blood Relation Test

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#1 showing the lady in the park, Sadia said,”she is the dauhter of my grandfather only son. How is Sadia related to that lady?

#2 pointing to his son’s portrait, man said to a woman,”His mother is the ony daughter of your mother”. How was the woman related to the man?

#3 A husband and wife had five married sons and each of these had four children. How many member are there in the family?

#4 pointing to a man , a woman said his mother is the only daughter-in law of my mother -in-law.” How was the man related to the woman?

#5 How many people are there in the group

#6 How many pairs of grandfather and grandson in there

#7 (A) K is the brother of J.(B) M is the sister of K(C)Pis the brother of N.(D) N is the daughter of J.(E) S is the father of M. who is the uncle of P?

#8 A man has three sons, and each of his sons has three sons. In figuring: one man and his father are a pair of “father and son.” The same man and his son are pair of “father and son’. in other words any one person may figure in any number of pairs, so ling as he is paired with a different person each time. Knowing this, answer the following.How many pairs of cousin are there?

#9 Introducing a woman, a man said, “Her mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt”. How is the man related to the woman?

#10 If Ali is brother of the son of Salman’s son, what relation is Ali to salman?

#11 when Amjad was asked how many children he had, he replied that each of his sons has as many sisters as brother, but each of his daughter has twice as many brother as sisters. How many sons and daughter does Amjad have?

#12 A retiring President was asked who would succeed him as head of the firm, and he replied,” The father of my successor is my father’s son, but i have no brother or sons,” who will succeed him.?

#13 pointing to a girl in the photograph Adeel said, “her mother ‘s brother is the ony son of my mother father’. How is the girl’s mother related to Adeel?

#14 How many pairs of brother are there?

#15 How many pairs of father and son are there

#16 B is the daughter of the wife of A’s mother’s only Son. what is the relation between B and A?

#17 Aslam is the son of my father’s sister’s brother’ wife’s daughter’s grandchild.what is the closed relationship to me that Alsam could have?

#18 A man was going mosque. He met a man with seven wives. Each wife carried a child in her arms. How many were going to the mosque?

#19 X and Y are two brothers. B is A’s brother but A is mother of X, what is B and Y

#20 pointing to someone i said, “she is my father sister and she is the only daughter.” How many children did my paternal grandparents have in all?

#21 Introducing a man . awoman said, “His wife is the only daughter of my father”. How was that man related to the woman

#22 while walking with his friends, Triq meets another man whose mother only the wife of Tariq father only son. How is the man related to Tariq?

#23 Looking at a portrait a man said, That man’s father is my father’s son. Brother and sister I have none. At whose portrait was the man looking?

#24 How many pairs of uncal and nephew are there

#25 K is the brother of Y.Y is the wife of Z.Z is the son of W. W is the wive of V. what is V to X?


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