General knowledge question online test part 1

This is an online test. First of all your give the answer to your mind and then click on the Submit button.
Now you can see your result and also the correct answer.


#1 Tashkent is the capital of :

#2 Addis Ababa is the capital of :

#3 Germany was divided into two seprate independent states (East Germany and West Germany) in —-.

#4 Sheikh Hasina Wajid became Bangladesh’s Prime Minister after

#5 Eritrea became an Independence state on May 24, 1993; got independence from

#6 Changed name of Formosa is————.

#7 which country exploded its first nuclear device underground?

#8 East Germany and West Germany were once again merged into one state on

#9 Amman is the capital of:

#10 New name of Zaire (An African country) is

#11 There are ———– countries in the world:

#12 Myanmer is the new name of———–.

#13 Kuwait was occupied by Iraq on :

#14 Capital city of Australia is ———–.

#15 In Afghanistan, who was the supreme leader of the ruling Taliban, who captured Kabul on September 27, 1996 ?


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