General knowledge question online test part 2

This is an online test. First of all your give the answer to your mind and then click on the Submit button.
Now you can see your result and also the correct answer.


#1 Rauf Denktash is the statesman of

#2 The capital of Libya is:

#3 The Currency of Turkey is:

#4 USA consists of ———— states:

#5 Netherlands is also known as

#6 The largest producer of silver in the world is:

#7 Sheikh Zaid bin Sultan is the president of:

#8 Suez Canal joins:

#9 Vatican City” is located in

#10 Russia is located in the continent of:

#11 Which was the first country to recognize Bangladesh?

#12 which is the most population country of the world?

#13 which portion of the world is uninhabited:

#14 The currency of Iraq is:

#15 Who was the first president of USA?


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