MS Window online test part 1

This is an online test. First of all your give the answer to your mind and then click on the Submit button.
Now you can see your result and also the correct answer.


#1 In window operating system the—is the main screen area that one sees after he turn on a computer and log on to window.

#2 word pad is a part of

#3 In window operating system it is the long horizontal bar at the bottom of a screen. unlock the desktop, which can get obscured by the window on top of it, it is visible almost all of time.

#4 the shortcut key to delete a file without sending to recycle bin is

#5 In window operating system the it is a very important part of window, clicking on it opens up what is called the start menu

#6 Add new Hardwere option exist in:

#7 Microsoft window provides a graphic application named

#8 Microsoft window 2000 is

#9 in window operating system when you delete a file or folder, it does’t actually get deleted right away, it goes to the —

#10 Text Editer that is the part of window operating system

#11 All of files deleted from computer are stored in


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