PMS General knowledge paper paper (BPS16)

This is an online test for PMS General knowledge paper Test. First of all your give the answer to your mind and then click on the Submit button. Now you can see your result and also the correct answer.


#1 The term Track -ll”Diplomacy” is used for

#2 the muslim people of sinkiang province are called”

#3 which is the third founder member of ECO (RCO) except Pakistan and Iran:

#4 what is parish state?

#5 what is the main cause of failure of Pakistan India Iran gas pipeline project

#6 what is meant by Amicus curiae?

#7 what was the main reason of disqualification of Arial Sharon for office of prime Minister of Israel?

#8 In which year European rules Captured Palestine from the Muslims in Crusade War?

#9 which if the following inventions is the oldest?

#10 who is the author of the book ” Struggle for Pakistan”?

#11 what is the main cause of earthquakes ?

#12 Digital Divide term is related with

#13 Diabetes is a disease of

#14 what are the two seas linked by Suez Canal?

#15 which is the following Russian’s oil and gas company which provides oil and gas to European countries?

#16 what is the freezing point of heavy water?

#17 which if the following colours are primary colours?

#18 what is the mane of the place where world trade center USA located?

#19 who is the current president of France?

#20 which of the following wonders are world is situated in iraq?

#21 Doctrine of necessity was used in the case —–for the forest time of the history of Pakistan.

#22 Hepatitis is a viral disease of:

#23 what is Ikebanaa'”

#24 which of the following vessels of blood carry blood from different parts of the Body to Heart?

#25 Pakistan state Bank started working on 1st july 1948 with the help of Rs

#26 IN which year Greenwhich mean Time was established?

#27 A group of Christianity that emphasizes the authority of the Bible and the importance of personal salvation through faith is called:

#28 what is Kermlin?

#29 French Muslim football star zedane by birth belongs to which country.

#30 which of the following country is not the member of G-8?

#31 who is the called the father of Modern psychology

#32 what is Holocaust?

#33 Litani River is located in which country?


#35 who was the first prime Minister of Punjab

#36 Gestapo was the secret police organization

#37 which cities of Iran and Pakistan are linked through railway line?

#38 E=mc2 what is C ?

#39 Which one of the following plants has the maximum number of satellites?

#40 Myopia is a defect of vision of the

#41 who was the first Asian to have received the Nobal Prize?

#42 How many zeros are there in one trillion

#43 How many satellites of Saturn planet?

#44 First ambassador of Pakistan to UNO was:

#45 Every action has reaction which are equal but in opposite direction”. this law in called

#46 Head office of UNESCO is located:

#47 which of the following died of natural death?

#48 what is Chreography

#49 which flower is the national symbol of Pakistan?

#50 Taliban movement was started in 1994 from which city of Afghanistan?

#51 A mass of ice originating in mountains in snowfields above the snowline is called:

#52 what is Nueclear Fission”?

#53 what is League?

#54 Coming 10th conference of ECO will be held in 2008 in:

#55 Diego Garcia is a:

#56 Al-Hilal newspaper is associated by:

#57 which is the oldest stock exchange of the world?

#58 which of the following country gave the right of monarchy to women by amending the constitution recently?

#59 what is the diameter of earth?

#60 Haifa is the Seaport of:


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