provincial management service, Past paper

This is an online test for the post of provincial management service 2014. First of all your give the answer to your mind and then click on the Submit button.
Now you can see your result and also the correct answer.


#1 The headquarter of FETA is in

#2 contours’ are lines connecting place having

#3 what is the length of “Great Wall of China”

#4 under the Factories Act, 1934 no adult employee as a worker who has completed his or her 18th year of age can be required or permitted to work in any establishment in excess…… hours a day and ….. hours a week.

#5 stock indies at Tokyo are Known by their popular name of

#6 which of the following is a Baltic State

#7 which countery of the world is called “land of seven hills”

#8 the headquarter of APEC is in

#9 out of the following, the largest ethnic group by population without having a state of its own is

#10 The author of the “new Deal ” was

#11 the Incan Civilization flourished in:

#12 An ordinary mobile phone communication by using

#13 If there were no atmosphere, what would be the colour of the sky

#14 Divine Comedy” was written by

#15 the currency if porliament of Denmark

#16 sylhet District at the time of partition was part of the province

#17 in the history of world the stone Age is also called by the name of

#18 Pedagogy is the science of

#19 which vitamin os provided by Sunlight to the body

#20 Tegel’ is the international airline of

#21 ASEAN was formed in

#22 Yangtze river does not pass though of the country

#23 The “Swaythling Cup” is related to the game of

#24 what was the name of Libyan king deposed by colonel Galahafi in 1969?

#25 in torts the principle “Restitution ad intergrum ‘ means

#26 white goods are

#27 what is the new name of Leningred?

#28 Sui generis is a Latin term of

#29 which is the following statement is false

#30 which is the following approaches says that ethical issues should be judged on the basis of some universal code

#31 “Southern Cross” which is constellation found in the southern region of the night sky consists mainly of

#32 The imaginary line of zero degree longitude which passes through Greenwich is called:

#33 The number of working children according to ILO estimates in developing counteries is

#34 The famous book “East of Eden” is the work of

#35 One Megabyte is equal to

#36 what is the total area of Australia

#37 which artical of the 1973 constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan prohibits all forms of slavery, forced labour and child labour

#38 Decibel is a unit used for

#39 ANSA” is the news agency of

#40 the 1st Asian secretary General of united Nation was

#41 what is viticulture?

#42 which one of the following statement is false

#43 window Tears is the located in

#44 what is means by”Laissez-Faire”

#45 Aeroflot” is the airline of:

#46 America’s Cup is associated with which of the following sports?

#47 The Imaginary line of zero degree longress longitude which passes through Greenwich is called

#48 Brazuca”is the name of

#49 Maple Leaf is hte national emblem of

#50 Football world cup 2010 was won by

#51 Broadway stresst’of USA is famous for

#52 In 1774 Oxygen was discovered by

#53 The element required for solar energy conversion is

#54 when the stock market is going down it is called

#55 which of the events occurred first in history

#56 A change in individual behaviour prompted by information and experienced refers to which one of the following concept

#57 The hurricane in the October 2012 which caused wide-spread demage in the eastern sea-board states of the USA is

#58 The agreement which provided for territorial allocations as spheres of western influence in the Middle East, in case of break-up of ottoman Empire,is known as:

#59 who is called the “father of French “Revolution

#60 Our sweetest songs are those that tell us of saddest thoughts” These words are attributed

#61 which sea is located in Central Asia

#62 The country having highest GDP in the world

#63 Wheel” is a symbol of

#64 The mental act condition of habit of placing trust or confidence in another shows which of the following options

#65 which is the following country is located in the LEVANT” region

#66 the famous painting “sunflower was done by:

#67 who invented bicycle

#68 A voucher may be

#69 who said “where wealth accumulates, men decay

#70 which is the following country parliament is called “Diat”?

#71 Euphonious is the opposite of

#72 Annuity is

#73 The Hottest planet is

#74 servile is the opposite of

#75 ————–points arises when you use the address of an object its lifetime is over

#76 which counter of the world Cockpit Europe

#77 the phonemenon of Arab Spring” was sparked by the self immolation of Mohammad Bouzizl a fruit- seller in

#78 Hobson’s choice

#79 Thomas Cup”is givan in the game of

#80 The Arab league was formed in

#81 The Arab League was formed in

#82 Economic crisis of 1930s originated in

#83 Rand is the currancy of:

#84 For how many years did Nelson Mandela remain in Prison

#85 In the election of the president of the state of America, the alrge number of member of the Electoral college are elected from the state of

#86 Kyoto protocol talks about

#87 which country is included in Horn of Africa

#88 The first President of Palestinian Authority Yasir Arafat died on

#89 Kyoto protocol talks about

#90 The largest city by population in the Great Lakes region is

#91 Bastille Day is the commemoration of the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison which was seen as a symbol of the revolutionary uprising in

#92 which is the highest military award of Italy?

#93 in France, the Bastille Day is celebrated on

#94 Baikal lake is situated in

#95 Literally the word ethics stand for

#96 what is means by “EQUINOX?

#97 the strait of Hormuz fall between


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