Use of Prepositions in English

This is an online test for Prepositions in English. First of all your give the answer to your mind and then click on the Submit button. Now you can see your result and also the correct answer.


#1 He is indebted—- his friends for a large sum.

#2 Our tragic experience in the recent past provides an index———- the state of lawlessness in this region.

#3 she is quite hopeful—- success in the examination.

#4 I am famous — honesty whereas javed is notorious for dishonesty.

#5 In his autobiography he refers——– his abhorrence from animal died.

#6 we are accountable —God for our actions.

#7 I ma sick— heart.

#8 ————is a person who dabbles in art and letters.

#9 I saw a man on the roadside —looked like my uncle.

#10 Father distributed the money——- Aman and Musharraf.

#11 Ali has been ill——— Monday last.

#12 I take much delight———– long walks.

#13 I shall not act —- compulsion.

#14 He was not apologize ——— you for what he did, as he acted in good faith

#15 He wondered————- he had last his money.

#16 she could not arrive— any conclusion.

#17 His thirst— knowledge left him no leisure for anything else.

#18 i must attend——— my ailing father.

#19 Aman ullah was married———- a rich family.

#20 To love our country to be interested——– its concerns is natural to all man.

#21 He was indifferent to all the good counsels of his parents and so got— trouble.

#22 He is so impatient with good advice that i despair — making any impression on him.

#23 I can see——- your game.

#24 what are you anxious———-?

#25 As the market become—- competitive , some companies will make large and large profits.


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