Assistant sub inspector past papers (ASI)2009 part 1

assistant sub inspector past papers

Question #1: French Muslim football star zedane by birth belongs to which country.

Question #2: which if the following inventions is the oldest?

Question #3: in torts the principle “Restitution ad intergrum ‘ means

Question #4: The lowest point on earth is:

Question #5: Total number of Jews in the world is:

Question #6: contours’ are lines connecting place having

Question #7: The life expectancy of Sweden is 80.3 year and France is 79.4 year. Tell the life expectancy in Pakistan.

Question #8: ANSA” is the news agency of

Question #9: which country parliament is called mother of parliaments.

Question #10: which country celebrated carnival on February 8 to `12 each year?

Question #11: Famous Film Industry center Bollywood is in:

Question #12: which is the oldest stock exchange of the world?

Question #13: The largest city by population in the Great Lakes region is

Question #14: Which is the most circulated newspaper?

Question #15: The cheapest source of electricity radiation is:

Question #16: Taxila, the ancient city of Punjab is famous for

Question #17: K” in pakistan stands for

Question #18: who said “where wealth accumulates, men decay

Question #19: what is the diameter of earth?

Question #20: West Pakistan is now called:


assistant sub inspector past papers part 2 will be upload soon.

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