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#1 A wheel has 16 spokes. How many spaces are there between the spokes?

#2 A clock seen through a mirror reads a quarter to nine. what is the actual time.

#3 Mr. Aslam, after ectracting a promise from his pretty secretary that she would only answer in ‘yes’or no’ said to her,” you will not say “no’ if i asked you to spend the evening with me.”He had her company for the evening because.

#4 Suppose you can jump 5.5 ft. high After eating two slices of bread, how high can you jump?your weight is 50 kg.

#5 in 2 hr, the minutes hand of a clock rotates through an angle of

#6 The number of letters in English alphabet is 26. if the number of consonants were equal to the number consonants.what will be the total number in that case?

#7 The student of the same I.Q., age educational qualification start pronouncing all the letters of the alphabet—- one from A to Z and the other from Z to A. who will finish the count first.

#8 if a cricket match starts at 10.00 A.M in England, at what time can we hear its commentary on the wireless in Pakistan.

#9 it take two minutes to boll an egg.How many minutes will it take to biol 5 eggs together.

#10 A child learning alphabet (English) can draw only straight lines. How many Capital letters can he write

#11 It took 20 days for all the leaves to fall from a tree. if the number of leaves that fell each day was twice that of the previous day, on which day was the tree half bare?

#12 A counts the letters in the alphabet, leaving out vowels. B counts the letters leaving out the 5th letter every time. whose count is more.A’s

#13 Take any number , subtract from it the sum of its digit, the result will always be divisible by:

#14 A man had 11 buffaloes. All but seven died. How many were left.

#15 4 boys and 3 girls do as many sums in 5 minutes as 3 boys and 5 girls do in 4 minutes. who works faster.

#16 Suppose an air-conditioned tunnel is dug through the earth.Its one end is in pakistan and the order is in Brazil.Its passes through the center of gravity. A piece of stone is dropped into it. what will happen to the stone?

#17 An electric rain is running from east to west. it is windy day. The wind is blowing from west to east. In which direction will the smoke go?

#18 There are two camels— one facing the East and the other facing the west. A truss of hay is placed between them. Can they eat grass without moving their legs?

#19 The front wheels of a tractor are smaller then the rear wheels. which is them is travel faster.

#20 which is heavier of the two—- a pound of feather or a pound of gold?


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