computer organization and architecture computer organization and architecture part 1

Question #1: An N-bit carry look-ahead adder, where N is a multiple of 4, employs ICS 74181 (40-bit ALU) and 74182 (4-bit carry look-ahead generator). The minimum addition time using the best architecture for adder is:

Question #2: Priority is provided by———- for access to memory by various I/O channels and processors.

Question #3: The number of full and half adders required to add 16-bit numbers is:

Question #4: Which of the following affects the processing power of the CPU?

Question #5: The total size of address space in a virtual memory system is limited by:

Question #6: Use of cache memory enhances?

Question #7: Booth’s algorithm is used for the arithmetic operation of:

Question #8: What is the control unit’s function in the CPU?

Question #9: Which memory unit has lowest access time?

Question #10: A hardware interrupt is also called

Question #11: The principle of locality is used in:

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