Data structures interview questions


Computer architecture and organization is the science of interconnecting hardware components, designing and configuring the hardware/software interface to fulfill functional and performance goals of a computer.
This chapter outlines the basic hardware structure of a modern digital programmable computer, the basic laws for performance evaluation, designing the control and data path hardware for a processor, concept of pipelining for executing machine instructions simultaneously and designing fast memory and storage systems.


Test start

Question #1: Which of the following has compilation error in C?

Question #2: Variables of function call are allocated in:

Question #3: If two strings are identical then strcmp() returns:

Question #4: An abstract data type (ADT) is:

Question #5: Global variable conflicts due to multiple file occurrence is resolved during:

Question #6: A common property of logic programming languages and functional languages is:

Question #7: What does the following C-statement declare? int (*f) (int * );

Question #8: Which of the following is not true about spanning tree?

Question #9: In tree construction, which one will be suitable and efficient data structure?

Question #10: The value returned by the function DoSomething when a pointer to the root of a non-empty tree is passed as argument is:


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