Deputy superintendent jail Past paper part 1

Deputy superintendent jail Past paper 2015 part 1

Question #1: Which planet has the largest number of satellites?

Question #2: In the modern word the office of Ombudsman’ was first created in:

Question #3: The book Indian Musalmans published in 1871

Question #4: Rand is the currancy of:

Question #5: Time required for a computer to locate and transfer data is called

Question #6: the present Deputy chairman of planniag commission is

Question #7: ASEAN was formed in

Question #8: The largest city by population in the Great Lakes region is

Question #9: chile has the longest shore along

Question #10: Bastills was a ——— in paris, which was destroyed on 14th July, 1789 during the French Revolution.

Question #11: Kyoto protocol talks about

Question #12: The shape of our Milky way galaxy is

Question #13: what is viticulture?

Question #14: The one who won grand salam is tennis twice

Question #15: Nehru Report was presented by:

Question #16: The Hottest planet is

Question #17: Sulphur deposits are found in districts of:

Question #18: The annual average flow of water in indus River river system is:

Question #19: what is “Abu Simbal”?

Question #20: An extremely small piece of silicon on which integrated circuits are fabricated are called

Deputy superintendent jail Past paper 2015 part 2 will be upload soon

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