English online test part1

Question #1: Ali ——–forced himself to work on till late in the night

Question #2: The officers threatened to make reprisals if the lives of their men were———by the conquered

Question #3: The chairperson is a scintillating speaker whose lectures completely—- student.

Question #4: The unruly behaviour of the children —-their parents.

Question #5: True health and true success go together for they are inseparably——in the thought realm.

Question #6: The———-arguments put forth for not disclosing the facts did not imposed anybody.

Question #7: we lost confidence in salima because he never—- the grandiose promises he had made.

Question #8: we were amazed that a man who had been heretofore the most—– of public speakers could, in a single electrify and bring them cheering.

Question #9: After a period of protracted disuse,a muscle will atrophy,—-both its strength and the ability to perform its function.

Question #10: The task seemed impossible but somehow jalil —–very skilfully in the end.

Question #11: salma is much too——– to have anything to do with that abnoxious affair.

Question #12: Although i had pledged not to tell anyone of the previous evening’s trauma, the compulsive urge to unburden myself became——.

Question #13: His moral decadence was marked by his ————from the ways of integrity and honesty.

Question #14: A legislation was passed to punished brokers who—-their clients funds.

Question #15: if you are trying to make a strong impression on your audience you cannot do so by being understanding,tentative, for

Question #16: Her reaction was not the only ———-one.

Question #17: Normally an individual thunderstorm—- about 45 minutes.

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