English prepositions online test part 2

Question #1: The unruly behaviour of the children —-their parents.

Question #2: I take much delight———– long walks.

Question #3: The father distributed the apples———— the four boys.

Question #4: Father distributed the money——- Aman and Musharraf.

Question #5: if you are trying to make a strong impression on your audience you cannot do so by being understanding,tentative, for

Question #6: His moral decadence was marked by his ————from the ways of integrity and honesty.

Question #7: He is so impatient with good advice that i despair — making any impression on him.

Question #8: The speaker painted a ——— picture of hunger in parts of India.

Question #9: I have no desire ——– name of fame.

Question #10: To die of hunger is not a crime, but o live—— begging is s shame.

Question #11: I must attend …… my ailing father

Question #12: He wondered————- he had last his money.

Question #13: They were statesman accustomed to the management——– great affairs.

Question #14: I am annoyed ———-him for what he has done to me.

Question #15: This material is different———–the one we had last time.

Question #16: Her reaction was not the only ———-one.

Question #17: He is indebted—- his friends for a large sum.

Question #18: Aman ullah was married———- a rich family.

Question #19: Her father knew that she ————disobey him.

Question #20: In his autobiography he refers——– his abhorrence from animal died.

Question #21: The person who is looking for sympathy talks———-.

Question #22: The Quran is sacred——- to Muslim.

Question #23: we were amazed that a man who had been heretofore the most—– of public speakers could, in a single electrify and bring them cheering.

Question #24: what are you anxious———-?

Question #25: True health and true success go together for they are inseparably——in the thought realm.

Question #26: who has tampered—— this lock?

Question #27: Ali ——–forced himself to work on till late in the night

Question #28: Ali complained against me————my father

Question #29: we lost confidence in salima because he never—- the grandiose promises he had made.

Question #30: His thirst— knowledge left him no leisure for anything else.

Question #31: He was indifferent to all the good counsels of his parents and so got— trouble.

Question #32: Our tragic experience in the recent past provides an index———- the state of lawlessness in this region.

Question #33: I have to applied ——– a new job.

Question #34: salma is much too——– to have anything to do with that abnoxious affair.

Question #35: Ali has been ill——— Monday last.

Question #36: she could not arrive— any conclusion.

Question #37: she is quite hopeful—- success in the examination.

Question #38: I ma sick— heart.

Question #39: A legislation was passed to punished brokers who—-their clients funds.

Question #40: Although i had pledged not to tell anyone of the previous evening’s trauma, the compulsive urge to unburden myself became——.

Question #41: ————is a person who dabbles in art and letters.

Question #42: After a period of protracted disuse,a muscle will atrophy,—-both its strength and the ability to perform its function.

Question #43: I am sure to profit ———his lecture.

Question #44: To love our country to be interested——– its concerns is natural to all man.

Question #45: I can see——- your game.

Question #46: As the market become—- competitive , some companies will make large and large profits.

Question #47: i must attend——— my ailing father.

Question #48: The officers threatened to make reprisals if the lives of their men were———by the conquered

Question #49: Mr. Aman was related——– the central jail yesterday.

Question #50: The———-arguments put forth for not disclosing the facts did not imposed anybody.

Question #51: This work is not ———– my state.

Question #52: I have claim ——–you.

Question #53: I shall not act —- compulsion.

Question #54: I Prevailed ————him to make another attempt.

Question #55: I am famous — honesty whereas javed is notorious for dishonesty.

Question #56: He was not apologize ——— you for what he did, as he acted in good faith

Question #57: we are accountable —God for our actions.

Question #58: The chairperson is a scintillating speaker whose lectures completely—- student.

Question #59: Normally an individual thunderstorm—- about 45 minutes.

Question #60: I saw a man on the roadside —looked like my uncle.

Question #61: The task seemed impossible but somehow jalil —–very skilfully in the end.

Question #62: why did your mother send ——-you?

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