Geographical Epithet countries In the world.


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Question #1: what is the epithet of “New Zealand”?

Question #2: what is the geographical epithet of Bahrain?

Question #3: South West Africa is now called:

Question #4: Nippon is the new name of

Question #5: The changed name of Persia is:

Question #6: Ankara is the New name of

Question #7: Mayanmar is the changed name of

Question #8: which city is called “City of Bazars”?

Question #9: which country enjoys the epithet of”Land of the Golden Fibre”?

Question #10: Pipri(Pakistan) is now called:

Question #11: the old name of Sri Lanka was

Question #12: which country is called “Land of Mountains”

Question #13: which country is called”Gift of Nile”

Question #14: The new name of “Sandwich Islands” is

Question #15: Siam was the old name of:

Question #16: which country is called “Cockpit of Europe”

Question #17: which country is called “Land of thousand Islands”.

Question #18: Give the old name of Athens:

Question #19: Dhaka was formerly called:

Question #20: The new name of Abyssunia is

Question #21: East Indies is now called:

Question #22: Rangoon new name is

Question #23: Taiwan is the new name of:

Question #24: Peking is now called:

Question #25: West Pakistan is now called:

Question #26: which country is called “Flower Garden of Europe”?

Question #27: what is geographical epithet of Japan?

Question #28: Lyallpur is now called

Question #29: give the new name of Batavia:

Question #30: Give the new name of Constantinople:

Question #31: which country is called “Island continent”

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