important places in the world part 2

Question #1: what is “Abu Simbal”?

Question #2: Bastills was a ——— in paris, which was destroyed on 14th July, 1789 during the French Revolution.

Question #3: Name the city, which is famous for the tomb of sufi saint khawaja Moin -ud-Din Chishti (RA).

Question #4: Adeaide is the famous city of

Question #5: Al- Aqsa Masque is in

Question #6: The Capital of Jordan is:

Question #7: Babylon is the famous city of

Question #8: Gaza is the famous city of

Question #9: Akal-Takhat is a place in the Golden Temple of

Question #10: Camp David is a place located in —-where Egypt and Israel signed the Camp David Accord.

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