Intelligence part 2

Welcome to our website.Our web site is working online In which your previous Knowledge will be examined And later on your result will be displayed. In this test is about Intelligence.
you will be asked simple questions,so answer these questions which are correct acccording to you.Then press Submit and see result
then your score will be discussed alongwith your percentage and the right answers of all the questions will be shown.
at the end,you are requested to share your results with your friends as we believe ‘knowledge is a great power’ and it must be shared with others.
Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Question #1: Listen is to Hear as Look is to:

Question #2: which pair of number does not belong to the same group?

Question #3: clear is to foggy as day is to:

Question #4: complete the series : 27 25 26 24 25 23 24 22 ………………………….

Question #5: what will come next in series? 11 21 40 77 150 ?

Question #6: Write the middle letter, B C D E F G H

Question #7: Lahore is to punjab and Karachi is to

Question #8: Write number of the pair which is dissimilar to the order in the following:

Question #9: Light is to Eye as sound is to

Question #10: what is the old term out here?

Question #11: which is out of list

Question #12: which one is different from the rest?

Question #13: what will come in the following series : 7 11 16 22 26 31 ………..

Question #14: what will come next in the following series; 2 7 24 77 …

Question #15: Quran is to Muslim as Bible is to;

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