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Question #1: which place produces petroleum on large scale?

Question #2: camp Devid is located in USA.It gauned fame due to an agreement which was signed by Israel and Egypt in the year?

Question #3: which country celebrated Guy Fawkes Day on November 5 each year

Question #4: On which date Boxing day is celebrated in Australia,Canada, UK and New Zealand?

Question #5: which day is celebrated on September 27

Question #6: The capital of Ghana is

Question #7: PENTSAGON is the Headquarters of

Question #8: Alexandria” is famous city and an important Sea port of:

Question #9: Amman is the famous city and capital of

Question #10: Which place is a famous resort for tourism?

Question #11: On which date is world population day is celebrated

Question #12: On which date Human right day is celebrated:

Question #13: which place is not in India?

Question #14: Dragon boat Festival is celebrated in china each year on:

Question #15: which day is celebrated on May 1 each year throughout the world?

Question #16: which place is the Headquarter of LTTE?

Question #17: which city is located in Iran?

Question #18: Hollywood is famous for

Question #19: which country celebrated carnival on February 8 to `12 each year?

Question #20: which place gained fame during French Revolution in 1789?

Question #21: On which date world AIDS day is celebrated

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