islamic information part 5

Question #1: which Prophet would ride a donkey?

Question #2: At the order of king Bakht Nasr Hazrat Urair (AS) spent——– years in jail:

Question #3: Taloot was the father -in-law of:

Question #4: He was a GOOD player of Flute

Question #5: He know the language of birds

Question #6: The fountain of metal——– flowed for Hazrat Sualaiman (AS) as a miracle.

Question #7: Hazrat Sualaiman (AS) founded the following famous mosque:

Question #8: The following bird would convey the message of Hazrat sualamin (AS) to the queen saba:

Question #9: which prophet would earn his living by making wallets?

Question #10: which prophet has been called as Zun-Noon in the Holy Quran?

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