Islamic information part 6

Question #1: How long Hazrat Younas (AS) remain in the abdomen of the fish

Question #2: He was a carpenter:

Question #3: Hazrat Zakria (AS) was the contemporary of :

Question #4: Hazrat Isa (AS) was the cousin of:

Question #5: King Herodus ordered the execution of ——- at the behest of a dancer Sloma.

Question #6: He would cure the victims of leprosy as a miracle

Question #7: He is called as Najeeb Ullah

Question #8: Atiq was the title of:

sorry your answer is wrong

Question #9: He adopted the title of Ameer ul Momneen for the first time:

Question #10: He is called Sani Asnain

Question #11: He had knowledge of interpretation of dreams

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