Parliament name of different country


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Question #1: The Parliament of South Africa is called:

Question #2: On which date, world earth day is celebrated?

Question #3: Zurich is an important city of:

Question #4: what is the name of Parliament of Israel?

Question #5: Name of the largest town in Israel

Question #6: what is the name of Parliament of Nepal?

Question #7: Greenwhich is a town near——– through which [passes the Meridian.

Question #8: the capital of south Korea is

Question #9: The Headquarter of LTTE guerillas, Jaffna is located in

Question #10: Pentagon is the headquarter of US Army which is located in

Question #11: Taxila, the ancient city of Punjab is famous for

Question #12: The famous place Notre Dam is located in

Question #13: Simla, the capital of Himachel Pradesh, is famous for

Question #14: Duma is the name of the assembly of:

Question #15: The greatest sea port in China is

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