PPSC, Combined Competitive Examination 2009

Question #1: Growth domestic product in pakistan is growing at the rate of

Question #2: The Earth is more close to the Sun in:

Question #3: Laws of Heredity were discovered by:

Question #4: River Nile originates from

Question #5: After the conquest of punjab, punjab Britishers constituted a three momber Board of administration for governing the punjab.Indicate who was not the member among the following

Question #6: The Headquarters of WTO is at:

Question #7: The father of modern science fiction is

Question #8: Paediatrics refers to:

Question #9: who was not a member of the 1st cabinet of pakiastan;

Question #10: The celebrated scientist Isaac Newton was

Question #11: Greenwich is located in

Question #12: Lowari pass connects:

Question #13: A device which encodes characters by the depression of keys is known as

Question #14: First international Olympic Games were held in Greece in 1896 in the month of

Question #15: largest political Agency in pakistan tribal area in terms of area is:

Question #16: From karachi farthest point on the coastal highway is:

Question #17: The 1st Olympic Gold Medal for pakistan was in the Summer Olympic Games of

Question #18: Indonesia and Malaysia are separated:

Question #19: carte Blanche means:

Question #20: Christoper Columbus who discovered America was

Question #21: The area inside of computer frame and auxiliary where date and instructions are stored is called

Question #22: An extremely small piece of silicon on which integrated circuits are fabricated are called

Question #23: which of the following is the landlocked?

Question #24: IMF and world Bank are created through

Question #25: the office of District Magistrate was abolished through

Question #26: Time required for a computer to locate and transfer data is called

Question #27: special theory of relativity was proposed by

Question #28: capital of Zimbabwe is

Question #29: Isaac Newton gave

Question #30: The shape of our Milky way galaxy is

Question #31: Colosseum, an amphitheatre to earth is called

Question #32: Tehrir square is situated in:

Question #33: De facto means:

Question #34: communist Revolution look place in Russia in the month of:

Question #35: The coldest planet of solar system is

Question #36: The book “Al Qanun fi al Tib” is written by

Question #37: the highest mountain peak Mount Everest has been named after col.George Everest who was

Question #38: Circumference of the Earth is around:

Question #39: How far is the Dead sea Before Mediterranean?

Question #40: The deepest point in the Pacific Ocean is:

Question #41: The brightest planet in the solar system is

Question #42: the time taken by light to reach the Earth is

Question #43: The book Indian Musalmans published in 1871

Question #44: Hanging gardens in babylon were located in modern day

Question #45: The US congress and senate raised the debt limit of US Government

Question #46: the present Deputy chairman of planniag commission is

Question #47: The First International Flight taken by PIA was taken on

Question #48: How many sahaaba were maryed in Battle of Badar

Question #49: nearest part of atmosphere to earth is called

Question #50: US president Barack Obama’s father was

Question #51: The name of US Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan

Question #52: Canton is a city in

Question #53: Morocco and Spain are separated by:

Question #54: Penicillin was discovered by

Question #55: indian Rebellion of 1857war of independance began on 10th May from the town of

Question #56: Insulin in human body is produced in

Question #57: President of Syria Bashar Al Assad is by faith a:

Question #58: suez canal linkes the following seas:

Question #59: Turnip is a root described as

Question #60: The single biggest hydel power generating site is situated in:

Question #61: when Ayun khan took overpower in 1958, the prime minister of pakistan was

Question #62: Fifth column refers to:

Question #63: international Court of Justice is at:

Question #64: Pythagoras, geometrical belonged to:

Question #65: Dynamite was discovered by

Question #66: In the election of the president of the state of America, the alrge number of member of the Electoral college are elected from the state of

Question #67: Faux pas means:

Question #68: Agriculture, the key sector in the pakistan econimy account for

Question #69: kanjak pass is located between

Question #70: Composition of Alchemy” is written by:

Question #71: First Satelite Sputnik 1 was launched in modern day

Question #72: The cash balance of the company is more than the cash balance of US

Question #73: pulizer is an American Award in the field of

Question #74: Asian Drama: An Inquiry into the Poverty of Nations was written by

Question #75: which vitamin os provided by Sunlight to the body

Question #76: Blind Dolphins are found in

Question #77: Heat Received by the Earth from the sun is known as:

Question #78: Mount Kilimanjaro is located in:

Question #79: Bastille Day is the commemoration of the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison which was seen as a symbol of the revolutionary uprising in

Question #80: The one who won grand salam is tennis twice

Question #81: BIMAN is an airline of

Question #82: Oxygen by volume has a presence in the atmosphere of about:

Question #83: The present Secretary General of UN is from

Question #84: The poetry first written by Allama Iqbal in Persian and then translated in urdu on popular demand:

Question #85: Tolstoy was the author of famous novel:

Question #86: 38th parallel line is a boundary line between

Question #87: chile has the longest shore along

Question #88: Corrigendum mean:

Question #89: The annual average flow of water in indus River river system is:

Question #90: The longest river is located in

Question #91: The cheapest source of electricity radiation is:

Question #92: Myanmar is the new name of

Question #93: On 18th May 1974 India exploded first nuclear devise under the code name of

Question #94: which of the following ranks in the air force is higher

Question #95: Mixture of two metals is called

Question #96: Moorish Kingdom of Granada (spain) surrendered to christians in the year:

Question #97: Indian Railway started operation

Question #98: The apex elected body in Israel is called

Question #99: The president of Yugoslavia/Serbia who was indicated and tried by War criminal Tribunia was

Question #100: Nobel prize in Physics was awarded to Dr. Abdul salam in the year

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