provincial management service past paper

provincial management service



Question #1: contours’ are lines connecting place having

Question #2: The Capital of Jordan is:

Question #3: Rand is the currancy of:

Question #4: servile is the opposite of

Question #5: The Arab league was formed in

Question #6: what is viticulture?

Question #7: white goods are

Question #8: The headquarter of FETA is in

Question #9: the 1st Asian secretary General of united Nation was

Question #10: Babylon is the famous city of

Question #11: which is the following approaches says that ethical issues should be judged on the basis of some universal code

Question #12: Yangtze river does not pass though of the country

Question #13: Maple Leaf is hte national emblem of

Question #14: ————–points arises when you use the address of an object its lifetime is over

Question #15: window Tears is the located in

Question #16: Name the city, which is famous for the tomb of sufi saint khawaja Moin -ud-Din Chishti (RA).

Question #17: Tegel’ is the international airline of

Question #18: A voucher may be

Question #19: which is the following country parliament is called “Diat”?

Question #20: The Arab League was formed in

Question #21: ANSA” is the news agency of

Question #22: Sui generis is a Latin term of

Question #23: which one of the following statement is false

Question #24: which countery of the world is called “land of seven hills”

Question #25: The first President of Palestinian Authority Yasir Arafat died on

Question #26: Bastills was a ——— in paris, which was destroyed on 14th July, 1789 during the French Revolution.

Question #27: out of the following, the largest ethnic group by population without having a state of its own is

Question #28: For how many years did Nelson Mandela remain in Prison

Question #29: Literally the word ethics stand for

Question #30: The number of working children according to ILO estimates in developing counteries is

Question #31: Pedagogy is the science of

Question #32: The element required for solar energy conversion is

Question #33: Football world cup 2010 was won by

Question #34: Annuity is

Question #35: which sea is located in Central Asia

Question #36: in torts the principle “Restitution ad intergrum ‘ means

Question #37: Camp David is a place located in —-where Egypt and Israel signed the Camp David Accord.

Question #38: which of the events occurred first in history

Question #39: The agreement which provided for territorial allocations as spheres of western influence in the Middle East, in case of break-up of ottoman Empire,is known as:

Question #40: which is the following statement is false

Question #41: the famous painting “sunflower was done by:

Question #42: Adeaide is the famous city of

Question #43: Al- Aqsa Masque is in

Question #44: which vitamin os provided by Sunlight to the body

Question #45: when the stock market is going down it is called

Question #46: what is the new name of Leningred?

Question #47: which of the following is a Baltic State

Question #48: under the Factories Act, 1934 no adult employee as a worker who has completed his or her 18th year of age can be required or permitted to work in any establishment in excess…… hours a day and ….. hours a week.

Question #49: The famous book “East of Eden” is the work of

Question #50: In Pakistan the place of Dhulian, Tut and Mial are famous in respect of:

Question #51: Gaza is the famous city of

Question #52: which counter of the world Cockpit Europe

Question #53: Decibel is a unit used for

Question #54: In 1774 Oxygen was discovered by

Question #55: “Southern Cross” which is constellation found in the southern region of the night sky consists mainly of

Question #56: what was the name of Libyan king deposed by colonel Galahafi in 1969?

Question #57: what is means by “EQUINOX?

Question #58: The imaginary line of zero degree longitude which passes through Greenwich is called:

Question #59: Hobson’s choice

Question #60: what is means by”Laissez-Faire”

Question #61: what is the total area of Australia

Question #62: Broadway stresst’of USA is famous for

Question #63: which is the highest military award of Italy?

Question #64: which country is included in Horn of Africa

Question #65: Euphonious is the opposite of

Question #66: Our sweetest songs are those that tell us of saddest thoughts” These words are attributed

Question #67: America’s Cup is associated with which of the following sports?

Question #68: The largest city by population in the Great Lakes region is

Question #69: Kyoto protocol talks about

Question #70: Baikal lake is situated in

Question #71: The “Swaythling Cup” is related to the game of

Question #72: The Imaginary line of zero degree longress longitude which passes through Greenwich is called

Question #73: sylhet District at the time of partition was part of the province

Question #74: The author of the “new Deal ” was

Question #75: in Pakistan Sui is world famous for its natural gas deposits and Makarawal is known for the coal mines but Kalabagh is famous for :

Question #76: In the election of the president of the state of America, the alrge number of member of the Electoral college are elected from the state of

Question #77: stock indies at Tokyo are Known by their popular name of

Question #78: which is the following country is located in the LEVANT” region

Question #79: An ordinary mobile phone communication by using

Question #80: the headquarter of APEC is in

Question #81: Wheel” is a symbol of

Question #82: Bastille Day is the commemoration of the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison which was seen as a symbol of the revolutionary uprising in

Question #83: In punjab the kala chita range has large deposits of:

Question #84: Sulphur deposits are found in districts of:

Question #85: Aeroflot” is the airline of:

Question #86: in the history of world the stone Age is also called by the name of

Question #87: The Hottest planet is

Question #88: The hurricane in the October 2012 which caused wide-spread demage in the eastern sea-board states of the USA is

Question #89: A change in individual behaviour prompted by information and experienced refers to which one of the following concept

Question #90: Thomas Cup”is givan in the game of

Question #91: If there were no atmosphere, what would be the colour of the sky

Question #92: which artical of the 1973 constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan prohibits all forms of slavery, forced labour and child labour

Question #93: the Incan Civilization flourished in:

Question #94: the currency if porliament of Denmark

Question #95: The country having highest GDP in the world

Question #96: Kyoto protocol talks about

Question #97: what is “Abu Simbal”?

Question #98: who invented bicycle

Question #99: who said “where wealth accumulates, men decay

Question #100: what is the length of “Great Wall of China”

Question #101: in France, the Bastille Day is celebrated on

Question #102: Akal-Takhat is a place in the Golden Temple of

Question #103: who is called the “father of French “Revolution

Question #104: the phonemenon of Arab Spring” was sparked by the self immolation of Mohammad Bouzizl a fruit- seller in

Question #105: ASEAN was formed in

Question #106: The mental act condition of habit of placing trust or confidence in another shows which of the following options

Question #107: Divine Comedy” was written by

Question #108: Brazuca”is the name of

Question #109: the strait of Hormuz fall between

Question #110: One Megabyte is equal to

Question #111: Economic crisis of 1930s originated in

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