sub inspector past papers part 1

sub inspector past papers 2006

Question #1: which country is included in Horn of Africa

Question #2: Lahore resolution was passed on:

Question #3: BIMAN is an airline of

Question #4: nearest part of atmosphere to earth is called

Question #5: Mount Kilimanjaro is located in:

Question #6: Al- Aqsa Masque is in

Question #7: special theory of relativity was proposed by

Question #8: The apex elected body in Israel is called

Question #9: The Arab League was formed in

Question #10: Myanmar is the new name of

Question #11: After the conquest of punjab, punjab Britishers constituted a three momber Board of administration for governing the punjab.Indicate who was not the member among the following

Question #12: Heat Received by the Earth from the sun is known as:

Question #13: The largest city by population in the Great Lakes region is

Question #14: The first woman police station was set up in

Question #15: The element required for solar energy conversion is

Question #16: who invented bicycle

Question #17: ASEAN was formed in

Question #18: the strait of Hormuz fall between

Question #19: Akal-Takhat is a place in the Golden Temple of

Question #20: The president of Yugoslavia/Serbia who was indicated and tried by War criminal Tribunia was

sub inspector past papers part 2 will be upload soon.

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